Entry #2

WOAHHHHHH!, guess who's back!

2008-08-27 16:03:18 by razveck

DUDES! I was like, having some troubles in real life, and I couldnt rly finish my NvN 2.

It has been over one year since I worked with flash for the last time, since then I've been doing other stuff, much more important stuff, sry to make the fans wait (LOOOOL, stolen from some famous singer)

Well, I see I was user of the day...twice??? Thats like ROFL. But now, as my life is setling down, I think I can finish my naruto, and ill fuck my music video in the ass, Im not thinking about it right now, I rather quit, it's like a million years away from behind finished, and right now Im not "in shape" to acomplish such a hard work.

So, basically, in some time I'll finish NvN, the main problem is it being just so HUGE! My PC takes like 20 mins to load it, I have to crop it a LOT, but this will bring a new vision, comparing to the first one.
NOTICE: I havent watched Naruto for one year, so im kinda late on the story, I think the 2 will be the last, or maybe I shall invest some time learning the new improvements in shippudden. So, this means the movie may seem pretty old-fashioned, since it was made before shippudden.

Take care, and dont forget, Naruto rocks ;)


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2009-05-09 19:29:15

Remember me?

I was the one who got you interested in it.

razveck responds:

Yeah u get part of the credit. A friend at school and the movies I saw here also pushed me to start watching it xD